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Miele Vacuum Cleaners Product Guide

Miele’s Vacuum Cleaners Help Fight Indoor Pollution

Every allergy and asthma sufferer knows the importance of reducing indoor allergens and pollutants from their home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has declared indoor pollution to be a health hazard, and an epidemic. Reports show indoor air pollution to be two to five times greater than outdoor air pollution.

Reducing indoor pollution and allergens is a major strategy in minimizing allergy and asthma symptoms. But, the affects of indoor pollution is much more far reaching: Aside from the health risks to those with allergies or asthma, this indoor air pollution epidemic affects everyone, especially children and the elderly. One’s very life can depend upon the air quality in your home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency:

"Fine particles (less than 2.5 micrometers) often come from fuel combustion, power plants, and disel buses and trucks. These particles are so small that several thousand of them could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. They are a health concern because they easily reach the deepest recesses of the lungs. Batteries of scientific studies have linked particulate matter, especially fine particles (alone or in combination with other air pollutants), with a series of significant health problems."

These health problems include premature death, increase in respiratory illnesses, increased frequency of childhood illnesses, chronic bronchitis, and decreased lung function.

Vacuuming as a Means of Battling Indoor Pollution and Allergens: The Miele Vacuum Cleaner Comes in First Place

One of the key steps in your home allergen/pollutant battle is vacuuming a minimum of once a week (the average household vacuums three times per week). Unfortunately, many vacuums just add to the indoor airborne pollutants rather than reduce them. The Miele company has researched this dilemma and designed their vacuum cleaners to be powerful cleaning machines, along with providing a healthy indoor air quality.

The problem with ordinary vacuum cleaners is three-fold:

1. During ordinary operation of the vacuum cleaner, as it passes over the carpet it stirs dust particles. Some of these escaping particles are blown up into the air from around the outer sides of the vacuum’s suction area. Another problem with ordinary operation is that any spaces within, or on the vacuum cleaner unit will allow for particulate matter to be sent flying right into you and your air passages.

2. Many vacuum cleaners do not provide HEPA filtration systems, or allergen-proof bags. These vacuums may do a great job at capturing allergens and pollutants, but they don’t keep them trapped. The finer particles are able to seep right through the ordinary filters and ordinary vacuum cleaner bags. These particles of health-hazard matter are redistributed into the air.

3. Ordinary open vacuum cleaner bags and bagless vacuum cleaners easily distribute the captured particulate matter back into the air. This happens when you remove the bag and throw it into the garbage, or when you empty the bagless vacuum.

The EPA actually identifies vacuum cleaners as an unsuspected, but dangerous polluter since fine particulate matter that can be emitted from poorly sealed and filtered vacuums, are linked to adverse health effects.

Miele Vacuums to the Rescue

The solution to this cleaning dilemma is to vacuum with a vacuum that minimizes redistributed allergen and pollutants. This is where the Miele vacuum comes in—it is proven to produce less particle emissions than competitive leading HEPA-filtered brands, including Dyson.

A study conducted by Interbasic Resources (IBR), a nationally recognized research laboratory, concluded that the particle emissions from the Miele vacuums were almost zero. This is an amazing feat and it ensures that the Miele vacuum, which utilizes Sealed System™ engineering, equipped with a unique AirClean™ Filter-bag™ and a certified HEPA filter, is the best vacuum you can buy to ensure your family is safeguarded against vacuum exhaust, leakage, and seepage of dust particles.

Copies of the complete study can be found on

What are the Features that Make the Miele Vacuum Cleaners Unique and the Best on the Market?

1. Original Sealed System™ engineering

One of the factors that allows for ordinary vacuum cleaners to redistribute escaped particulate matter is openings in the vacuum cleaner that are not completely sealed or filtered. If there are spaces in which air can flow through within the vacuum cleaner, particulate matter, including allergen and pollutants, will be included in that flow.

Miele’s exclusive Sealed System™ design tackles this problem. Each individual compartment and the system as a whole are sealed with one continuous, durable rubber gasket. This design ensures no openings within the vacuum cleaner for particulate matter to escape, thus ensuring no redistributed allergen and pollutants via this means.

2. AirClean™ Filter-bag™

The next problem that arises with ordinary vacuum cleaners is the means by which the particulate matter is held, once vacuumed up. This includes vacuum cleaner bags and bagless vacuum cleaners.

The bagless vacuum cleaner:

The health concern created by the bagless vacuum cleaner arises when emptying its bagless bin. According to the study by Interbasic Resources (IBR), “the leading bagless vacuum cleaner has an emission rate of 175,928 fine particles (0.3-0.5 micron in size) per minute.” Taking into account that the average individual vacuums for twenty minutes each time, that’s a tremendous amount of airborne particles distributed back into your home, into your air passages, and into your lungs. And, as mentioned above, according to the EPA, "They [fine particles] are of health concern because they easily reach the deepest recesses of the lungs."

Ordinary vacuum cleaner bags:

Ordinary bags are not meant to be filters, while they may capture particulate matter suctioned up, they will not prevent that matter from escaping back into the air. In addition to this, their open structure allows for particulate matter to escape when removing a full bag, and even a half-full bag, from the vacuum cleaner. Just tossing the bag into your household garbage allows for trapped pollutants to escape, especially as you shove the bag into the garbage pail.

So, your efforts at providing a healthy and clean home will not only be for naught, but you will be further polluting the air in your home with both the ordinary vacuum cleaner bags and the bagless vacuum.

The solution is Miele’s AirClean™ Filter-bag™ technology—it eliminates this problem.

The AirClean™ Filter-bag™ provides:

- A nine-layer fortress of durable electrostatic fiber that holds on to fine particles that can easily leak through other bags. - A spring-loaded collar made of durable plastic that snaps shut upon removal so that no dust can escape.

3. Additional effective strategies to make Miele’s vacuum cleaners the top of the line.

- The Miele company uses top grade raw materials—they go the extra step to seek out the very best available.

-The Miele vacuums offer a selection of high-quality filter cartridges, including a certified HEPA filter.

HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor. To be a certified HEPA filter, it must remove at least 99.97% of particulates that are 0.3 microns or larger. These particulates include dust mites and their allergen, animal dander, mold, pollen, smoke, and a host of other allergens and pollutants. A certified HEPA filter is so effective at eliminating airborne allergens and pollutants it is used in air purifying products for isolation and immunocompromise units and operating rooms.

These components, working in unison makes the Meile vacuum cleaner a deadly threat to allergens and pollutants harbored in your carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture, bedding, and other areas dust collects. And, taking it above and beyond, the Meile vacuum cleaners prevent particulate matter from being redistributed into your home.

About the Miele Company

The Miele Company slogan: Anything else is a compromise, attests to the fact that Miele’s products are the best. In addition, the Miele company can boast of at least four other distinguishing traits:

1. Miele has had consistent family ownership since its founding in 1899. 2. Miele is known for its international brand name integrity. 3. Miele is the only company recognized for creating the world’s most innovative appliances. 4. Miele has been committed to the highest quality, performance and environmental standards since its inception.

What more can you ask for in a vacuum cleaner: an exceptional high-quality company name, and an exceptional high-quality product. Keep your indoor air quality up to par by using a Miele vacuum cleaner. While they may be expensive, they are far less than the cost of illness or poor health due to indoor air pollution and allergens.


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Miele USA

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