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Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Whole House Water Filtration SystemsOur whole house water filtration systems are great for residential homes. They remove chlorine and other chemical tastes/odors plus dirt/sediments, making water cleaner, clearer, and safer for your whole house. In addition, they also protect your appliances, fixtures and pipelines.

Whole House systems can be combined with Reverse Osmosis Systems at the sink to reduce additional contaminants such as heavy metal, nitrates, fluoride and special contaminants. If you are environmentally, chemically sensitive or plastic sensitive we can provide you with ALL Stainless Steel Housings.

In order to find out what components are required to install the Whole House Water Filtration System in your home, together with the cost estimate, please print out and fill this questionnaire [1 page .pdf, 40 Kb], and fax it to (718) 369-2866 - or fill it out online. We would also recommend that you request a copy of your most recent water report from your drinking water supplier and fax it together with the questionnaire. Our representative will get back to you shortly with all required information.

You may also wish to test the quality of your drinking water yourself. To do that, you can purchase a water test kit, and, if you are dissatisfied with your water quality and end up buying a Whole House Filtration System, we will reimburse you the money you've paid for the test kit! Or, you can buy two of them - one to test your initial water quality, and the other to see how it improved after you've installed the Filtration System (same offer applies).

    Which pollutants may be contained in your drinking water?
  • MTBE - a chemical added to gasoline to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. Because of its toxic effects, many states are phasing it out and will eventually ban it. MTBE causes eye irritation, tearing, nasal discharge, trouble breathing, nausea, and it is a probable carcinogen.
  • Arsenic - found in thousands of water supplies serving over 12 million people across the U.S. Studies have linked long term exposure to arsenic in drinking water to increased risk of bladder, lung, skin, kidney, liver and prostate cancer.
  • Trihalometanes (THM's) - chemicals, formed by the reactions of chlorine with organic matter in the water. The effects of exposure to those may lead from skin and eye irritations to lung disease and birth defects.
A properly set up Whole House Filtration System will protect you and your family from these pollutants and any other that your drinking water may contain.
    The Complete Whole House System Includes:
  • Sediment Filter
  • Carbon Tank
  • Ultraviolet Treatment Unit


  • Computerized, automatic backwashing of unit
  • Two different types of carbon to reduce a wide range of chemicals
  • Custom sized sediment filters
  • Ultraviolet upgrades - to reduce parasites, bacteria, & viruses
  • High flow ranges - up to 27 gallons per minute
  • 15 year valve warranty


  • Removal of chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, dirt, sediment, parasites, bacteria and much more...
  • Special Contaminant Removal: Iron, High Concentrations can be removed with special media and tank plus off air tank also reduces hydrogen sulfide
  • Softener tanks are available to reduce hardness and iron
  • Eliminates odors
  • Removes T.H.M.'s
  • Safe drinking and bathing water for the entire house
** Grounded electrical outlet, shut off and back flow valves, and pressure gauges are the responsibility of the customer.
** Systems are priced according to size of components used.
** Installation by a licensed plumber is required.

Water Filter Accessories

Water Filter Accessories

Learn More About Water Quality

Learn More About Water Quality

Replacement Filters for Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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