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Vent-Pro Heating Vent Filters

Vent-Pro Heating Vent FilterIf your allergy and asthma symptoms continue to control your life, then it's time to explore Allergy Be Gone for some simple and effective changes that you can make around your home and even the office that will make a huge difference in managing your allergies and asthma.


Vent Pro Disposable Vent Filter for Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning (3 pack)

Vent Pro Disposable Vent Filter for Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning (3 pack)
Price: $14.95
Sale price: $12.99, 2 For $24.98, 6 For $71.94
(You Save: 13%)
Did you know that your home's heating system may be to blame for your indoor allergies. Allergens such as dust, mold spores and pet dander can get into your heating and cooling ducts, spreading around your home whenever the system is turned on. To prevent common allergens from traveling through your home's heating system, use a heating vent filter like Vent Pro Heating Vent Filters from to trap particles at the point-of-entry.

Heater vent filters should be installed under the deflector for the best results. Each heater vent filter sheet measures 8 inches by 12 inches and can be cut for a custom fit. Each sheet is large enough to cover multiple vents and one package is enough for up to 12 standard vent registers. Each package of disposable allergy filters for vents contains 3 sheets that last approximately 2 months each before needing to be replaced. Use a filter on every vent in your home for the best results.

You can also install a heater vent filter at the air intake to prevent mold, dust and dander from entering the heating system in the first place, increasing the efficiency of your heating or cooling system. Our heat vent filter sheets also fit most air conditioner units.

Shop Allergy Be Gone for the best disposable vent filters on the market. In addition to our low everyday prices, we also offer discount volume pricing so you can get the filters you need at a great price. Shop for heater vent filters now and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment. You can even install vent filters in your office. Small changes go a really long way.

Let us help you reclaim your life. Stop letting allergies and asthma dictate your every day. Discover the other way like installing Vent Pro Heating Vent Filters that can make your home a happier and healthier place.

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