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Dust in the Bedroom

1) Encase pillows in a zippered allergen-impermeable covers or wash every two weeks in hot waters (130).

2) Encase mattress and box spring in zippered allergen-impermeable covers.

3) Wash all blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and mattress pads, if used, in hot water (130) every two weeks.

4) Comforters should be washed every two weeks, encased in allergen-impermeable interliners or placed within a finished allergen barrier duvet cover.

5) Use wipeable furniture (wood, plastic, vinyl or leather) in place of upholstered furniture.

Throughout the House

6) Remove carpeting if at all possible.

7) When removing carpeting is not possible:

a.Denature allergen using tannic acid.

b.Use a miticide to kill mites.

8) Take steps to reduce carpet allergen levels:

a.Vacuum weekly using a mask. b.Clean carpet with dry powdered cleaner, to help remove allergen. c.Upgrade vacuum cleaner filtration to include exhaust filters, multi-layer bags, HEPA vacuum cleaner for high allergen containment.

9) For hot air heating systems: a.Cover hot air vents with filters to clean air at point-of-entry. b.Close bedroom vents, use electric heat. c.Use a filter in central heating system.

10) Keep all clothing in a closet with the door shut and remove dust collectors.

11) Wear a well-fitting facemask when doing housecleaning and other chores.

12) Clean drawers, closets, and surfaces with a treated cloth.

13) Use window shade instead of heavy blinds and curtains.

14) Mites grow best at 75-80% relative humidity but cannot live at less than 50% humidity. Take steps to reduce humidity: a.Use air conditioning. b.Use dehumidification units.

15) Use HEPA air cleaners to remove airborne allergen particles.

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