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Allergy Be Gone Newsletter - October, 2005

Keep Yourself Warm And Healthy This Winter

Dear Valued Customer,

The summer is long over, and, while in some parts of the country, the weather is still warm and comfortable, elsewheres it already feels like the winter is upon us. As the nights grow longer, you might start thinking about keeping warm during your rest instead of about getting rid of excess heat (like you might have a month ago).

Luckily, here at Allergy Be Gone we have a line of products that will help you with just that - luxury comforters, pillows and fleece blankets that will also protect you from allergies during the night.

Primaloft Comforters

While you might consider purchasing a cheaper generic comforter available from any large department store, there is a great difference between those and a luxury Primaloft comforter. Generic comforters use cheap synthetic materials, which are heavy and less breathable. These comforters also tend to absorb moisture from your body, which leads to them losing most of the fluffyness they had after just a couple of months of use.

On the other hand, Primaloft comforters are made with patented ultra-fine fibers, which create an incredibly lightweight, soft and comfortable insulation matched only by the best of down and feather. These fibers also whisk away moisture, making your sleep even more comfortable and leaving your comforter puffy much longer.

Of course, there is always an option for buying a down comforter. But what if you are one of those allergic to down? Primaloft is your best answer! Because of its hypoallergenic qualities, a Primaloft comforter can provide an allergy-sensitive sleeper with a peaceful night's rest. And, Primaloft comforters are more durable that down comforters, which tend to lose the feathers inside them.

Primaloft comforters are also machine washable and dryable. While other down alternative comforters become lumpy and flat after washing, Primaloft comforters remain consistently smooth and lofty.

Pristine Polyester Fiberfill Pillows

If you are allergic to dust mites, you might find the Pristine pillows an excellent choice for your bed. The covers of these pillows are made of unique Pristine fabric, which blocks dust mite allergens from leaving the pillow. The pillows themselves are made of synthetic fiber that feels just like down, but, unlike down, it can be easily machine washed. And, combined with a Pristine Pillow Cover, you may rest assured that no allergens coming from your pillow will ever disturb your sleep again.

Primaloft Pillows

What is said about the Primaloft comforters, also applies to Primaloft pillows. The same luxury material makes them extremely comfortable, durable and hypoallergenic. Pristine Pillow Covers can also be used with Primaloft pillows, giving you the same level of allergy protection as Pristine pillows do - together with Primaloft's luxury comfort and durability!

Snuggable Fleece Blankets

Made of highest quality polar fleece, these high-quality blankets remain a family favorite. Warmer than wool, yet with the cuddly softness and light weight of fleece, these blankets feel luxuriously cozy. Generously cut, and able to withstand repeated washings (unlike the regular fleece blankets), Snuggable blankets and lapthrows will keep you warm for years and years to come. And, unlike most wool or fleece blankets, Snuggable blankets do not bother allergic sleepers!


Best Allergy Protection For Your Bedding:

Pristine Basic Pillow Covers

Pristine Basic Pillow Covers
An economical choice in superior allergy protection.

Pristine 100 Pillow Encasings

Pristine 100 Pillow Encasings
This luxuriously soft encasings is the newest generation in allergen barriers.

Pristine 100 Mattress Covers

Pristine 100 Mattress Covers
The best allergy protection you can get.

Economy Lite Mattress / Box Spring Encasings

Economy Lite Mattress / Box Spring Encasings
A high-quality barrier for economy price!

We have a large selection of Face Masks, Goggles, and protective gear to keep you healthy while exposed to outdoor conditions!

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