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Miele S314 Royal Blue Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S314 Royal Blue Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This model has been discontinued. As an alternative, we recommend the Miele S251 Plus Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

If allergies, asthma or other health-related concerns are on your mind, then consider the S314 mid-size canister vacuum series.

The S314 series products are ideal vacuums for cleaning a combination of carpets and smooth-floor surfaces. These vacuum cleaners are the entry series to Miele's acclaimed HEPA Sealed System. With an optional HEPA filter, these units filter lung-damaging particles down to 0.3 microns - that includes dust mites and their feces, which are known allergy triggers.

This machine is equipped with suction adjustment. 1100 watts of power increases airflow to 131 cubic feet of air per minute allowing superior cleaning ability and making the removal of dirt and debris easy. The S314 is equipped with a double-layer dust bag, a pre-motor filter and an advance electro-static filter called Super Air Clean Filter.

Like all other Miele vacuums, the S314 series is constructed from ABS plastic material, making them durable for a lifetime of use. Additionally, these vacuum cleaners come standard with crush-proof hoses, a two-piece stainless steel wand assembly for flexibility and convenience and they carry three useful accessory tools under the lid. Based upon your particular application, Miele offers three primary units in this series.

First is the S314 Royal Blue. This mid-size canister is perfect for use when cleaning low-pile or loop carpeting and any combination of smooth-floor surface. This unit is equipped with Miele's Combination Rug & Floor Tool. Simply by depressing a lever, this versatile floor tool will release a band of bristles, suitable to clean smooth floors. Depressing the lever again will retract the bristles, allowing the unit to glide easily over short and looped pile carpeting.

Next is the S314 White Star. The White Star is packaged with Miele's air-driven Turbobrush, perfect for cleaning low- to medium-height carpeting. This floor tool provides superior grooming and cleaning results on oriental, silk and looped rugs and carpets by delivering a light agitation of the fibers. For cleaning smooth-floor surfaces, this unit also includes a Smooth Floorbrush.

The S314 Red Star is also on hand for those households with medium- to thick-pile, wall-to-wall carpeting. This canister vacuum contains an electric hose and SEB213 Powerbrush which is essential for separating carpet fibers, allowing the suction power of the vacuum to remove dirt buried deep down. The Red Star also includes a Smooth Floor Brush in order to effectively clean all of your hard floor surfaces.

Replacement Bag, Filter and Warranty Info:

  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Replacement bag: Miele F/J/M Bag
  • Replacement filter: Miele Active S-Class HEPA Filter


  • 7-year motor warranty

    Please Note:
    This appliance complies with the U.S. Electrical Standard.

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