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Friedrich C-90 Series Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Friedrich C-90B differ from the C-90A?

The C-90B is almost identical to the C-90A. the only noticeable difference in the units is the clean air delivery rate (CADR) and range both being improved in the newer C-90B.

What size room does the C-90B cover?

This unit is rated to cover 506 square feet. However, air purifier space measurements are based upon specific test conditions. This includes average height ceilings, specific placement of the unit, one large open space, etc.

Can the air purifier cover multiple rooms?

All air purifiers are most effective in the room that they are operating in. Since they rely on air to pass through the unit in order to be cleaned, this will limit the area that can be effectively purified. You can expect excellent purification in the room the unit is placed in and some degree of purification in adjacent spaces depending on the amount of open air flow.

Will this unit eliminate dust from my home?

Although this unit is fantastic at dust removal in comparison to other units on the market, it will not completely eliminate dust from your environment - it will only reduce the amount of dust. Dust comes from many different sources and oftentimes adheres to surfaces to which the dust comes in contact. Because of this, we recommend that you use this unit in combination with a good vacuum cleaner.

How loud is the unit?

whether or not something is loud is oftentimes subjective to the particular customer. this unit does have 3 different speeds - and some customers choose to use a lower speed while sleeping and a higher speed during the day. For your convenience, whe have included a comparison chart for various noise levels. These include the decibel (dBA) readings taken three feet away from some common household sounds:
  • 20 dBA: Soft whisper
  • 30 dBA: Oscillating Fan (medium speed)
  • 40 dBA: C-90B (low fan setting)
  • 50 dBA: Refrigerator
  • 50 dBA: C-90B (medium fan setting)
  • 50 dBA: Light rainfall
  • 55 dBA: C-90B (high fan setting)
  • 60 dBA: Sewing machine
  • 75 dBA: Hair dryer
  • 80 dBA: Garbage disposal
  • 95 dBA: Electric drill
  • 125 dBA: Chain saw

How many filters does the unit have?

This unit has 3 filters: the pre-filter, the electronic cell filter, and the carbon filter.

What filters need to be replaced?

The only filter that is typically replaced is the carbon filter. The electronic cell filter is typically washed and the pre-filter can be cleaned. After a period of time, the pre-filter may need to be replaced due to eventual wear and tear.

How often does the carbon filter need to be replaced?

The carbon filter on this unit acts to remove odors and gases from the air. Overtime, it will become saturated. however, the length of time that it takes to do so will vary based upon the environment that the unit is operating in and also how often and at what speeds the unit is run. An estimated life for the carbon filter may be from 3 - 9 months.

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