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Electrolux EL6984A Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister HEPA Vacuum
Item #: ELEEL6984

Electrolux EL6984A Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister HEPA VacuumClick To Enlarge
Electrolux EL6984A Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister HEPA VacuumElectrolux EL6984A Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister HEPA VacuumElectrolux EL6984A Harmony Ultra Quiet Canister HEPA Vacuum
SALE PRICE: $299.00
Price: $349.99
Sale price: $299.00
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When it comes to keeping your floors clean, Electrolux has been the brand of vacuum cleaner that consumers have been turning to for decades. And just because theyíve been around for a while doesnít mean the Electrolux Company canít be bold and innovative. Their Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum Cleaner offers up a sleek new design with many terrific features that are not only good for your home or apartment but good for the environment as well.

The first thing youíll notice when you flip the switch on the Electrolux Ultrasilencer Vacuum Cleaner is how actually silent it is. The cleaner operates at 60 decibels which is a very soothing and relaxing level. The soft wheels not only protect your hardwood floors but also add to the quiet level.

The sleek design of the Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum allows for a smooth transition from carpet to hardwood to tile flooring. This provides for a more thorough cleaning experience. Another great benefit is the above-floor tools which store easily. And the retractable power cord makes overall storage simple too.

One of the other key features of this Electrolux vacuum cleaner is how green it is. Over half of the plastic used in the manufacturing of this unit comes from recycled plastic. The washable and reusable HEPA filter means keeping your floors, furniture and the air you breathe cleaner. The specs state that this model Electrolux captures 99% of dust and allergens. Youíll notice the difference right away. And the electronic dust bag indicator lets you know right away when itís time to swap out the filter. This will allow you to operate the vacuum cleaner at peak efficiency.

An easy grip telescoping wand is another distinct feature of the Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum. With this wand you can effortlessly clean those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Itís also a perfect device for cleaning drapes and sofa cushions. The ergonomic design of the handle prevents you from constantly bending over and also allows moving the unit from room-to-room with ease.

Keeping your living space clean is important and thatís why you want to use a brand of vacuum cleaner you can trust for affordability and dependability. The model takes the very best of the Electrolux brand and brings it all together in one sleek and efficient vacuum cleaner. No home should be without it!

Everyone needs a vacuum cleaner and nearly everyone finds the decision regarding which one to purchase is not an easy decision to make. With so many brands, styles and varieties, the decision quickly becomes very difficult. The Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green EL6984 is a great and compact vacuum cleaner. This is more of a two-piece roll around type cleaner rather than the traditional upright vacuum cleaner. It has a variety of tools that come with it like a crevice tool, upholstery dusting brush and the traditional carpet/hard floor nozzle. This cleaner is so powerful you will instantly notice a difference, even in the air you breathe, which makes it great for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

Our Review

The Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green
These cleaners combine exceptional design and features into a lightweight and compact canister cleaner. This unit is incredibly quiet and works just as well on bare floors as it does on carpeting. Those of you that are environmentally conscious will really appreciate this model as 55 percent of it is made from recycled materials; even the packaging is from recycled material. All the tools are easily accessible and it comes with a telescopic wand and automatic cord rewind. One of the greatest features is the HEPA filter, which you can wash and reuse thus making it even more environmentally friendly, it also captures 99.97% of all the dust and allergens. When they say green they definitely mean it.
Tech Specs
One convenient feature is the foot-operated switch on the floor nozzle; this allows you to easily change the height of the hose for use on hard floors and carpet. It has an ergonomic handle design that is soft to the touch with a long wand that helps keep you from having to continuously bend over; those with bad backs will greatly appreciate it. With soft, noise-reducing casters you will find that it is easy to maneuver and quiet all at the same time. A nice touch is the electronic dust bag indicator; this makes it easy to know when you need to replace the filter and also ensures that it runs at its highest performance. If you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner and are interested in the canister-style of vacuum this is a must have. If you are environmentally conscious and also want a cleaner that helps reduce allergens in the air you will be very pleased with this cleaner.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Low noise output Ė only 60 decibels Ė makes cleaning a more relaxing experience. Soft wheels, a powerful, sound-insulated motor and a low-noise floor nozzle are all part of UltraSilencerô greenís innovative, quiet design.
  • Recycled Materials:
    55% of the plastic used in the product is made from recycled materials. It also uses 80% recycled, unbleached cardboard in packaging.
  • Convenient Features:
    Above-floor tools store at your fingertips. And, it comes with a telescopic wand and automatic cord rewind, making it easy on you to clean above the floor, as well as on the floor
  • Washable HEPA Filter
    Washable HEPA Filter - Wash and reuse the HEPA filter for less waste. Captures 99.97% of dust and allergens
    Detailed Information:
  • Efficient Floor Nozzle - The foot-operated switch on the floor nozzle was designed to allow you to move from hard floors to carpet with ease.
  • Ergonomic Handle Design - The soft-touch, ergonomic handle is designed with physical comfort in mind by reducing the need for you to bend and making it easier to carry your vacuum.
  • Electronic Dust Bag Indicator -The electronic dust bag indicator makes it easy to know when it is time to replace the filter bag. Regularly changing the dust bag, keeps the dirt in the bag and your home cleaner.
  • Effortless Storage - The innovative design of the new on-board wand parking feature helps you save storage space by neatly anchoring the vacuum wand to the back of the cleaner.
  • Soft, Large Wheels - The soft-coated large wheels protect your floors, reduce noise and allow you to maneuver the cleaner easily through the room.
  • Telescoping Wand - Comes with an easy-to-use, one-grip wand that is designed to allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease and comfort.
  • Brand:Electrolux
    Vacuum Type:Canister
    Filtration System:HEPA
    Dust Bag:Bag
    Weight:20-24.99 Lbs
    Floor Type:All Floors / Carpets
    Cleaning Path:13 in
    Warranty Period:2 Years
    Hose Length:7 Feet
    Retractable Cord:Yes
  • Dust Capacity (Quart): 2
  • Hose Length (ft.): 7
  • Power (amps): 9
  • HEPA Filtration: Yes
  • Cord Length: 21 ft. with Cord Winder
  • Carpet/ hard floor nozzle: Yes
  • Crevice tool: Yes
  • Upholstery dusting brus: Yes
  • Warranty (year): 2

    Shipping Weight: 22.00 lbs.

    UPC: 023169113725

    Please note:
    This appliance complies with the U.S. Electrical Standard.

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