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Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer and Purifier

Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer and PurifierClick To Enlarge
Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer and Purifier
SALE PRICE: $169.99
Price: $249.99
Sale price: $169.99
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1 Year Product Replacement Warranty
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2 Year Product Service Warranty
Complete protection service plan for 2 years. Effective immediately upon expiration of manufacturer's labor warranty. Extends parts and labor warranty.

The extension provides you with additional parts and labor coverage. You must purchase this guarantee within 30 days of purchasing your item.

Replacement Warranties
1yr Product Replacement Warranty - $17.00
2yr Extended Service Warranty - $34.00
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Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer Strawberry Test
Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer Product Brochure  View the Airfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer Product Brochure
[Download: 237KB .pdf, 21 pages]

Download the Airfree Mold Guide Brochure  View the Airfree Mold Guide Brochure
[Download: 500Kb .pdf]

Airfree Enviro RL 60 is the system for people living with asthma, allergies, other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. It destroys airborne organic allergens, molds, viruses and other microorganisms. For an example of how Airfree protects your air, see the amazing Strawberry Test!

The new Airfree technology is much simpler than everything else seen in the Air Purifiers segment: Airfree uses just heat to sterilize indoor air.

Inside Airfree's patented ceramic core 99.99% of all microorganims (spores, fungus, bacteria, virus, mold, dust mites feces and skeleton) are burned at temperatures around 400F (250C). This is done without significant heat contribution to the ambient. 2 Airfrees in the same room contribute as much heat as one adult person. No living microorganism survives this power. See Airfree at work!

Airfree reduces Ozone whereas most ionizers, ozone generators and air purifiers generate such harmful gas that destroys lung tissue and triggers respiratory allergies.

Controlling airborne allergens at work and at home makes a significant contribution towards reducing overall exposure to airborne allergens. This is why every successful allergen avoidance program should include an Airfree device as part of an overall allergen avoidance strategy.

Airfree RL60 is also confirmed to be able to reduce dust mite allergen Der p 1 by an average of 70%!

How Airfree works?
Airfree Enviro RL 60 Air Purifier Diagram
See larger image
Airfree Enviro RL 60 Efficiency Chart
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How to use Airfree air purifier?
  • Place Airfree on the floor and plug it into nearest electric outlet.
  • After several minutes make sure top lid is warm.
  • Do not install Airfree over or under furniture, this will disrupt its airflow and reduce its efficiency.
  • Always keep the air sterilizer on.
  • Recommended time for 85% microorganism reduction is 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Install 1 Airfree per each area 250 sq. ft. with a wall height of 8 ft. For larger rooms install more than just one Airfree.
  • For the best results, keep the sterilizer plugged in the same room.
    Efficiency independent tests
    Full list of independent tests Full list of independent tests
    Airfree Ozone (O3) reduction Swedish test Airfree Ozone (O3) reduction Swedish test
    • Did you know your office can make you sick?

    • 99.99% Air Sterilization Capacity
    • Drastically reduces airborne viruses, bacteria, molds, dust mite allergen & more
    • Provides healthy environment to homes, offices and commercial areas
    • Kitchens equipped with Airfree will prevent food from developing mildew; no more mildew in your cheese, bread, fruits and other food items
    • An alternative to HEPA filters, Ionic or Ozone purifiers
    • Reduces organic smells
    • Delivers pure air continuously
    • No Ozone, Ions or Chemicals
    • Noiseless
    • No filters to replace
    • Compact Design 8" x 10" (4 lbs.)
    • Air Purification Capacity: up to 250 sq. ft., or 2000 cu. ft. (24 sq. meters)
    • Air Flow Speed: 6.7"/second
    • Power Consumption: 46 Watts, 110V (less than a 50 Watt light bulb)
    • Noise Level: Totally silent
    • Certifications: ISO, CE, UL
    • Maintenance: None required, no filters to replace

      Dimensions and Weight:

    • Size: 8"W x 10"H
    • Weight: 4 lbs.


    • 2-year manufacturer's warranty

    Shipping Weight: 7.00 lbs.

    Please note:
    This appliance complies with the U.S. Electrical Standard.

    PDFAirfree Enviro RL60 Air Sterilizer and Purifier - User Manual

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