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Decreasing Pet Dander

The best way to reduce exposure to pet allergen is to find a new home for the pet. If this is not an option, the pet should be strictly kept out of the allergic patient's bedroom.

Bedroom Care

Soft furnishings such as carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses will hold pet allergen even after a pet has been removed from the home or banished from the bedroom. This allergen will become airborne if the soft material is disturbed. Removal of the bedroom carpet will eliminate continued exposure to these reservoirs of allergen. Also, use a mattress encasing and other allergy free bedding products to block allergens where you sleep.

The Carpet

It can take as long as 20 weeks for pet allergen in carpets to decrease to levels found in homes without a pet. If carpet cannot be removed, it should be thoroughly vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, so that the tiny allergen particles do not pass through, as it does with standard bags of many vacuum cleaners, and then sprayed with a solution to help denature the remaining allergen.

Vent Filter Care

If a pet is present indoors, ventilate the house by opening windows and using exhaust fans. Pet allergen particles are particularly small and therefore remain airborne for prolonged periods of time. If the pet is limited to a single area of the house, keep in mind that allergen can be spread by air flowing through a duct system. Allergen can be trapped from flowing through the duct system by using efficient vent filters and furnace filters.

Air Filter Care

When windows are closed, high efficiency HEPA air cleaners do a good job removing pet allergen from the air. Care should be taken that the exhaust from the air cleaner is not directed towards carpets or soft furnishings so as not to disturb allergens that may have settled there.

Pet Care

Studies have demonstrated that washing pets with water actually removes much of their surface allergen. However, it is not clear if this reduction persists long enough to reduce symptoms. Use Allerpet Solutions on your cat or dog. If you have other pets besides cats or dogs, we recommend using Allersearch Pet Shampoo. It works on all pets as an anti-allergen as well as a refreshing wash for your pet.

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