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Vacuum Cleaners

Shop for a large selection of vacuum cleaners with advanced allergy fighting technology. We carry a variety of styles including upright vacuums and specialty handheld upholstery cleaners. Keep your home, car or office clean and allergy free by choosing an affordable and effective vacuum from Allergy Be Gone.

When choosing a vacuum, itís important to look for one with a HEPA filter. Vacuum cleaner allergies are often attributed to insufficient filtering which allows small particles such as pet dander or dust mites to escape back into the environment. HEPA filters are effective at catching 99.97% of all particles so you can live free of vacuum cleaner allergies.

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We stock vacuums from the biggest and best companies: Bissell, Dirt Devil, Electrolux, Eureka, Germ Guardian, Hoover, Sanitaire, Vapamore,
Below are the types of vacuums that we offer.

Canister with floor brush Canister with Turbo Head Canister with Power Head Upright Floor and Carpet Cleaners Central Stick
Canister Vacuums
w/ Floor Brush
Canister Vacuums
w/ Turbo Head
Canister Vacuums
w/ Power Head
Floor and Carpet
Stick and Handheld
Used For:
Low Carpet,
Hard Surfaces
Used For:
Used For:
Used For:
Floor Types
Used For:
Floor Types
Used For:
Floor Types
Used For:
Low Carpet,
Upholstery, Car Cleaning, Hard Surfaces

A high-powered allergy vacuum cleaner from AllergyBeGone will help you keep your carpets looking and feeling their best. Choose a new vacuum with the features you need for your home. Choose a special vacuum with a pet-catching roller, or never vacuum again by choosing a robotic carpet cleaner. Youíll find everything you need to meet the demands of your family when you shop for allergy vacuum cleaners at

Using a powerful allergy vacuum cleaner in your home in addition to other allergy preventatives is the best way to create a clean and comfortable environment for your family. In addition to your new vacuum cleaner, donít forget to stock up on extra filters and accessories to get the most out of your new machine.

Five Ways to Reduce Your Frequency of Vacuum Cleaning

Sundays; so much potential. The one truly free day of your week. And yet, alas, so many Sundays are wasted away sweeping, mopping and hovering up your abode.

In just 6 short days, seemingly volcanic levels of dust, fibres and rubbish have accumulated on your floors, surfaces and carpets. We can all agree that unclean houses are unsightly, unhygienic, and downright unpleasant, but you still deserve your Sunday.

Surely there’s something that can be done to save your time and effort and keep your house clean. In fact, there’s more than just one thing, there are five:

1 – Storage
It might seem like dust and dirt appear from nowhere, but it actually originates from all the stuff you keep in your house. The better you store your possessions, the less likely they will be to contribute to the spread of dirt. Anything, from food to magazines to clothing can end up on your floors, so store them away carefully. In particular, if you keep house plants, be sure to place them well so that any falling particles are collected.

2 – Design For Dirt
It’s no secret that wearing a white suit to dinner is a recipe for disaster – even the slightest spill would ruin your whole appearance. Precisely the same theory applies to your home. Dark colours, patterns and designs all distract from dirt, where plainer designs will only serve to draw attention to any blemishes. Consider materials carefully too; remember that shaggy carpets will require far more cleaning attention than smooth, clear marble.

3 – Shoe Rack & Coat Stand
You pick up dirt every time you go out. Dirt on your shoes, on your clothes, on your umbrella. Keep it out of your house by keeping the offending articles themselves out of your living space. Porches provide the perfect place for a shoe rack and coat stand, but you could also set down a welcome rug just inside your front door. Be vigilant about keeping dirty items to these areas, and enjoy a cleaner living space.

4 – Take Out The Trash
Bins containing your rubbish lock away all that is unsightly, odorous and unclean. Make absolutely sure that this rubbish never has a chance to escape its confines. Smaller bins ensure that rubbish doesn’t ever have a chance to become stagnant, and lids also stop any dusty debris escaping onto your floors. It might seem like a chore to empty bins frequently, but the longer you leave them spilling over, the more often you’ll be reaching for the hoover.

5 – Professional Deep Clean
Your hoover can probably suck up a reasonable percentage of dirt, but there will always be residual particles left lurking. Every now and then, try hiring in a professional deep clean. This process gets rid of a far higher percentage of dirt particles and best of all, you should find the floors stay clean for longer after a deep clean, buying yourself at least a few hoover-free Sundays.
In the fight against hoovering-time, prevention beats cure.

Remember, your Sundays are at stake, so prepare your house well to avoid the dirt.

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We have a large selection of humidifiers and air purifiers to keep you healthy this winter!

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