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Allergy Avoidance Products Guide

If you are constantly suffering from allergy symptoms, check out AllergyBeGone's handy Allergy Avoidance Guide to help reduce those nasty symptoms and start feeling more like yourself again. And once you determine the root of the problem, AllergyBeGone is there for you with a complete line of products to target said symptoms. However, we also caution that this is a guide, so if you have any lingering questions, please contact your physician.

Dust Mites: These nasty little creatures shed their skin and feces, which, unfortunately, comprise a lot of the dust around our homes. This, in turn, causes symptoms like headaches, fatigue, rashes and even asthma. To help reduce allergic reactions from dust mites, use allergen-proof bedding that is washed weekly in hot water and rely on HEPA air cleaners.

Mold: Molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air. These spores then travel and can grow on damp places indoors. Their growth is spurred further by high humidity and temperature. To help reduce these allergies in your home, reduce the conditions that prompt their growth by keeping the temperature low and utilizing a humidifier.

Pollen: Pollen is a source of discomfort for a huge number of American allergy sufferers. Symptoms include stuffy noses and sneezing. We recommend over-the-counter remedies like antihistamines to help fight these symptoms, but we also carry a line of products that help pull pollen from the air, such as air filtration systems, and additional pollen-fighting products like masks and cleaning supplies.

Many allergy sufferers are allergic to more than one, and sometimes all of the following. Fortunately, most of the products we offer have multiple uses and benefits. If you are not sure about what you are allergic to, we suggest you see a physician.

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