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Learn More About Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are a great line of defense against allergens. To learn more about this weapon in the fight against allergies, please refer to our furnace filter guide below for more information on the best furnace filters for allergies. Allergy Be Gone is your go to source for information on furnace filters.

Did you know that the right furnace filter can help reduce allergy symptoms? There are even furnace filters that are specifically designed to eliminate allergens in the air. If you are searching for the best furnace filters for allergy and asthma, you will find them right here at Allergy Be Gone. We will even provide furnace filter reviews to help you target the best allergy furnace filters.

Furnace filters are a great way to help reduce your exposure to airborne particles that can trigger allergic reactions and other negative health consequences. Try as we might to eliminate them completely, even the cleanest households have airborne particles like dust, hair, skin flakes and outside air that come in to our homes simply as a result of conducting our everyday lives. And, when we breathe, these particles become trapped in our lungs, as well as our noses and throats, causing allergic reactions and sometimes even respiratory illness.

The relative number of particles in a given household depends on a number of factors, such as activity level and pets and habits like smoking. Even mundane everyday activities like vacuuming and cooking can stir up allergens. Perhaps not surprisingly, airborne particle concentration is typically lowest at nighttime when most households are asleep.

According to recent studies, electronic plate and wire, or ESP, filters were most effective in reducing airborne particles. However, a 1-inch premium media pleated filter and a HEPA bypass filter were also found to be effective. Conveniently, you'll find these furnace filters and more at Allergy Be Gone. But please note the ESP filter produces a small amount of ozone and elevated ozone levels can sometimes irritate lungs as well.

When you are looking for the right furnace filter for your home, also search for filters with a high MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Higher ratings equate with better efficiency, which means they trap more particles and are therefore more effective. For the most bang for your buck, we recommend pleated allergy filters. They have a dense mesh material to trap particles and are really effective at eliminating large allergens like pollen and mold, as well as electronic air cleaners, which use electrodes to magnetize pollutants and collect them. We also highly recommend HEPA furnace filters. They block air particles and air flow, for commercial applications.

No matter which type of filter you decide is best, also remember to change or clean these filters monthly to maximize their effectiveness. This helps reduces energy bills and so the filters may end up even paying for themselves. B e sure to set your furnace so the fan runs continuously, circulating air.

In addition to installing new furnace filters, additional easy steps to reducing allergens within the home include: removing footwear upon entry, discouraging cigarette smoke and pets, reducing surfaces on which dust can collect and closing windows. This helps reduce dust around the house, which also means you will have to dust less frequently.. We hope this guide to furnace filters is useful, but please contact us if you have any additional questions about what type of furnace filter is right for you. We want to help you target the best furnace filters for allergy and asthma so that everyone in your home or office is breathing easier!

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